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Where do ChumS with SumS come from?

ChumS with SumS is the result of a long journey of gaining experience and dreaming big to get to the place in your life where your inputs can make a significant difference. Teaching at primary schools, high schools and tertiary institutions, coupled with researching LOTS of teaching material, created a foundation for this programme to rise from.

The programme was developed by Nalize Boshoff. Her love for Mathematics and especially the kids for whom she must make it easy, is the source of her purpose in life. At one point she had to admit that there was simply too few hours in her day to get to everyone she would have wanted to teach herself and from there came the solution: teach others to do the same.

The programme and lessons is developed to cover practically all concepts in the shool syllabus and to be synchronized with CAPS and align as far as possible with the schools and their different preferences for the order in which they work. Our pupils understand what they are doing and they can express themselves mathematically correct – they enjoy the classes and they learn something new every time.

The ChumS-team is put together selectively and each one that forms part of the team finds their passion in enriching children’s lives – you can read more about our team here.

What makes us unique?

At ChumS with SumS we believe that every child we encounter deserves to have their needs met. Our recipe for success can be attributed to the quality of our education and the passion of our team. Along with that, the programme is suitable for any child and we offer individual lessons as well as small groups with a maximum of 10 kids.

We strive to unlock Mathematics for every child – to ignite their passion and to make the subject practical, creative and graspable so they can enjoy and appreciate it. Extra classes are presented by our competent tutors, each one trained to make a difference.

At ChumS with SumS we are of the opinion that every child CAN; every child has the potential to get a more comfortable grasp of Mathematics. We focus on ensuring that each child understands first and then repeats to nurture a love for the subject.

For who is ChumS with SumS?

Enrichment classes

These classes are presented for achievers: the brightsparks who already perform VERY well and would appreciate the extra stimulation (typically the ones who get 80%-90%).


These classes are developed for those who can do better – the average ones for who a little extra effort will go a long way. These are usually the guys with a lot of potential but who are a bit lazy and has many extramural activities, who don’t have time to practice their Mathematics and fall behind.

Those who struggle

For those that think Mathematics are horrible because they really struggle and it takes them a bit longer to understand than it does for other kids.