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Our recipe for success

At ChumS with SumS we believe that every child we meet’s needs must be effectively addressed. Our recipe for success is attributed to the quality of our education and our team’s passion. Along with these our programme is suited for any child and we offer individual lessons as well as small groups with max 10 ChumS.

Our Passion

At ChumS with SumS we are of the opinion that every child CAN; every child has the potential to gain an easier grip on Mathematics. Not every one can get 80%, but every one can reach a better understanding than he currently has. And someone who gets 80%, has the potential to aim for 90%.

Our Tutors

We strive to unlock Mathematics for every child – to awaken their passion and to make the subject practical, creative and understandable so they want to do it, rather than have to do it. Extra classes are presented by our competent tutors, each one trained to make a difference.

How does this work?

We focus on getting each pupil to understand and then repeat. For initial grasp we rely on concrete aids – the child has to understand the essence. The question they have to answer themselves is: What is the most important thing to know about this concept? How will it be asked in an exam? We summarise it for them in a nutshell. Only after they understand, be start to repeat.

We often use fun games that takes the sting out of the subject. The kids enjoy themselves and they don’t realise that they’re learning (and repeating). After we’re sure the kid has grasped the essence, we do exercises to sharpen their understanding. They have the opportunity to ask immediately if they struggle and to share insights to the benefit of the other kids. There’s no sign of struggling. It’s a matter of discovering together and understanding more (AFTER the core has been summarized and explained to them).

The class atmosphere is relaxed and pupils develop the courage to ask when they don’t understand, or to speak up when they don’t agree.

Our aim is for the kids to get excited when they realise they understand, so they may want to know more and in time become self-teaching. Because unfortunately, Mathematics IS a matter of repetition. Mathematics MUST be practiced (hence yes – you have to study for Maths).

Our Approach

We differentiate between 2 different groups by potential:

Enrichment classes

Enrichment classes

These classes are presented for the performers: the brightsparks who are already doing VERY well and can appreciate extra stimulation (typically the guys who get 80%-90%).

Our Classes

The underachievers

The underachievers

These classes are developed for those who can do better – the average students, for whom a little bit of extra effort can make a big difference.
Our Classes

Those who struggle

Those who struggle

For those who think Maths are horrible.
Our Classes

What makes us different

Our success can be attributed to our unique approach to make a difference with each lesson.


Tutors who care

Each one of our tutors and franchisees are experienced, passionate and trained to give the best possible service. Our programme is developed with care and each lesson is thoroughly planned.



Our tangible work

We don’t use a computer programme or prop a kid up in from of the computer to teach themselves. We work with tangible stock and ensure that kids hear, see, feel and understand.



We differentiate

We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. We give each child the opportunity to unlock their potential and reach their goals. We form small homogenous groups that create a positive learning environment.

Everyone’s welcome

The nature of our programme allows it to accommodate kids of any skill level: from kids that love Maths to those who really struggle a lot – every one can benefit from our programme.



We start early

We offer classes from preschool for grades 000, 00 and R. Kids who are playfully exposed to Maths from early on has a definite advantage.



We work with brightsparks

We focus on challenging kids who already love the subject so they won’t lose interest. We teach them to think ahead, explore farther and stretch their potential.