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The ideal is to work in exact synchronization with the school’s syllabus.


We cover almost all concepts in the school syllabus. However, we only see kids once a week and we made the choice to be THOROUGH in what we do rather than forcing everything into the programme.

We pride ourselves in our pupils mastering certain concepts extremely well. Feedback has confirmed that a child who’s been under our tutelage until Grade 7 has, for example, properly mastered DECIMAL NUMBERS and FRACTIONS.

Our ChumS are comfortable with SQUARE numbers and CUBES, they can properly distinguish between FACTORS and MULTIPLES, PRIME numbers and COMPOUND numbers, they can factorise, simplify and do equations, they don’t struggle with trigonometry etc.

Our ChumS UNDERSTAND what they do and they can EXPRESS themselves MATHEMATICALLY correct. They enjoy the classes and feel free to DARE in the small homogenous groups. They learn SOMETHING every time.

Sometimes there are challenges

But they’re not unsurmountable. Not all schools are sychronised with each other. For example, when some schools are busy with “TIME” in grade 4, another will be busy with “MEASUREMENTS”, some schools’ grade 7s do “EQUATIONS” at the start of the year while other only tackle it in the 3rd quarter. Some choose to do “NUMBER PATTERNS” with “FACTORS and MULTIPLES” while others do it at the end of the 3rd quarter because they want to prepare pupils to formulate algebraic formulas based on that.

Hence, we have to determine our own sequence. We work as synchronized as possible with the overwhelming majority of schools’ sequence.