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A wonderful business opportunity for old-teachers who wants the ‘pudding’ of teaching.

ChumS with Sums offers you an opportunity that will never be boring, test your skills, where variety is part of the fun of the challenges and where you can feel yourself become part of something that already works, with reignited passion.

The ChumS with SumS name offers:

  • Your own business with the security of a business name that is already proven, giving you the wings you need to fly right from the start.
  • Training and support of a large team with lots of experience and a culture of caring and teamwork.
  • Work charts, aids and clear guidelines on how to present classes the ChumS-way and manage your business.
  • The opportunity to teach without the burden that goes with a school setup (be warned – we do have our own administrative burden).
  • An opportunity to choose how hard you work and what you want to emphasise.

Criteria for the ChumS-team:

  • You have to LOVE children and KNOW the subject.
  • It has to be your calling to offer a meaningful contribution and you must be able to convince the panel that you share our passion for this specific business.
  • The business will expect you to manage properly and attentively (parents, school principals, teachers and pupils).
  • Admin and financial management will benefit you greatly (or you’ll need to appoint someone to manage this part of your business).
  • You need to be able to afford it. We are not a bank. Those who are interested must arrange their own financing and the business is bought cash.
  • Can you manage ChumS with SumS part time? There are teachers who are currently doing it. However, it’s not ideal. How many hours are in your day?

The Fine print:

  • We are not a way to make a few easy bucks with little effort.
  • The sufficient income you can generate from this business is a definite reality, but it’s not THE reality.
  • Tutors can earn money for you but remember – every one that works for you, demands their share.