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Yvette Boshoff

Yvette Boshoff


Mathematics Grade 1 and Grade 2


What an experience, to have a reliable Chum like Accounting. This friendship of 28 years is balanced – she sometimes takes and she often gives. All of her actions make sense. Accounting is a very good Chum of SumS. With here balanced personality, my Chum is an exceptional asset. She is unique in how she works and picky about her choice in Chum – few candidates choose her and so she can give individual attention and promising forecasts. Give her a try, with Teacher Yvette.

I have known Yvette since university. We were at TUKS together, both in Magrietjie and we were both on the House Committee. She was my Prim. Yvette has always been on point and a person without fuss or drama. She says it like it is and she gets things done. She knows her subject and enjoys teaching it. I will blindly trust her with any student. – Nalize Boshoff, Programme Developer