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Nona du Plessis

Nona du Plessis


Preschool – Matric

Nona du Plessis is a farm kid who grew up in West Transvaal with a love for nature, the earth and people. Her father was a farmer who loved reading and history, poetry and was blessed with vast general knowledge and was very clever with Maths. Her mother was an exceptional teacher who loved the pupils and loved conveying knowledge. She loved reading and gaining knowledge to share with others.

None lived with a family in Sterkrivier and Pietersburg for a few years and moved to Rustenburg in 1976 where she still lives today. She was a happy child with plenty of friends and a loving family. She has an older brother with a BLC B.Proc degree and they have a strong bond. Given that he inherited his parent’s love for reading, she absorbed everything he shared with her like a sponge. He was like her own Google in her home before Google even existed!

With the education and schooling of her daughter whe came to the realization again of the importance for children to have a solid foundation in all their subjects at school so they can make the right choices to be happy in their careers.

When her friend Nalize introduced her to ChumS with SumS in 2016, the proverbial penny dropped and she jumped at the opportunity.

“I’m going to use this business to honour my FATHER and to help every child who attends our classes to fearlessly make a difference in their own lives and to empower them with knowledge.

“Mathematics is not an enemy… it is your friend (Chum). We respect our friends and we don’t fear them,” according to Nona.

With the God-given team in Rustenburg, we believe that they’ll assist all their Maths ChumS and go from strength to strength.

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