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Leani Nel

Leani Nel


Preschool to Grade 3

I am a mom first and then a preschool teacher and the principal of a small preschool at my home.

The love I have for children is indescribable and I can honestly say they enrich my life daily. The saying goes, “Once you find a job you enjoy, you will never have to work another day in your life”.

This is true for me… I am unemployed and content. I love my job so much that it never feels like work.

I have a passion to teach children, over time and experience with children this has been enhanced and confirmed:

For 8 years I was a Stimulus maxima teacher/consultant for children from preschool to high school. After that, I worked for 3 years at Ossieteddies Preschool in Polokwane.

Throughout my life, I have learnt so much from principals and colleagues I met. They were dynamic and motivated and inspired me.

Today I know, thanks to them, how to get a child interested, retain information, and make it their own.

It is a blessing to run my own school today. My family supports me in everything I do.

I am not someone who can sit around. I believe that you have to equip yourself to be better at what you’re doing. I am studying further and I constantly do extra courses to better equip myself. I am currently doing a course in Play Therapy.

My family and I crossed paths with Chums with Sums and I embraced the opportunity to become involved. We are now the proud owners of the franchise in Polokwane. Maths plays an important role in every child’s future. I wanted to become a part of this development.

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