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Joke Venter

Joke Venter

Wonderboom, Elarduspark & Potchefstroom

Potchefstroom, Wonderboom, Elarduspark

All the way: 3yrs to Matric!

Schools: Mooirivier, Bailey Park, Pretoria-Oos, Mayville

I have 7 years’ formal experience as Mathematics teacher to Grades 8-9 and Grade 10 Mathematical Literacy. I am a proud mom of 3 boys my world revolves around. My passion is to be a Mom and a Teacher. I believe that each child has the ability to perform and must be proud of his/her own achievement. I believe that as a teacher I must empower each child to see his/her own abilities and build on them.

Maths is my subject. It is great fun and enjoyable. It develops your brain and so many other skills. Every child can master Maths. I want to prove to children that they can do it (and they must believe it too) and that they’ll enjoy it. The most beautiful and satisfying thing for me isn’t only seeing a child’s eyes when they achieve success and get that feeling of “I’ve got it”, but also to see that child so empowered that they help their friends too.

“I’ve never met anyone with as much energy and zoosh.

Joke is up for anything; and she then she does it well.

She is a wonderful mother: creative; patient; loving; strict and organised.

She is a fantastic teacher for any child: preschool to high school. Kids adore her… Once they’ve experienced her teaching, they find it hard to move on to the next grade, with a new teacher.

I think Joke accomplishes more in a year than most people accomplish in 3 years. And it’s always with a smile and tons of contagious energy.” – Nalize Boshoff, programme developer

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