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Jeanelle du Preez

Jeanelle du Preez


Linden, Randburg

Preschool to Grade 10

In 2017 I completed my B.Ed ECD & Foundation Phase at the University of Pretoria. In 2018 I started working part-time at a special needs school in Pretoria. After my graduation I realized the world awaits me, I wanted to explore because I believe that we grow in every challenge and adventure that crosses our paths. I then decided to work in China for a year, it was an incredible experience. I would encourage anyone to take on similar opportunities.

In August 2019 I was back in South Africa and had the opportunity to work at an LSEN school in Bedfordview. 2020 arrived with many challenges for the world, but I consider myself a ‘lifelong student’ and so I obtained my honors degree in Learning Support that year. After three years it was time to broaden my horizon and decided to move to Johannesburg North. I am currently a teacher at a remedial school where I work with children with special needs. I am also privileged to teach children Maths at ChumS with SumS and I find great joy in what I do.

Jeanelle was referred to ChumS with SumS by a good friend Chrisna, who is our licensee at Lynnmen (Senior). I was greatly pleased to discover that Jeanelle is a very effective Maths teacher. She makes children feel at ease while quietly maintaining discipline in class. The Chums have the opportunity to practice difficult concepts while enjoying the class atmosphere. Everyone tutored by her quickly shows improvement in their marks.  We are privileged to have her as part of our team. – Nalize Boshoff, programme developer