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Heloise van Tonder

Heloise van Tonder

Louis Trichardt

Preschool – Grade 3

I was part of the ChumS-team from day one.

Because I am a foundation phase teacher, I am aware of the shortcoming in teaching Mathematical concepts and methods in a tangible way and when I had the opportunity to make a difference in kids’ understanding of Maths, I grabbed it. I have been doing Chums-classes for 10 years and it’s still extremely satisfying to see a kid’s face light up when they suddenly understand. It’s especially attributed to ChumS with SumS’ main goal, i.e. to convey Maths to kids in a tangible way with a variety of items and methods. ChumS with SumS also offer above average children the opportunity to do more than what is expected in the classroom. I am honoured to be part of the team and to make a difference in children’s lives.

“Heloise was a friend who also became a franchisee. We taught together in Louis Trichardt and there I experienced her in action as a creative, dedicated and beloved teacher of the preschool phase. She is a very experienced teacher, also effortlessly maintaining discipline in this more playful environment. She is especially talented at involving the little Chums’ great motor skills  in such a way that they really think they’re playing, while they’re actually learning Maths.

Heloise is unmissable in this business. She’s empowered many little Chums to fearlessly march into primary school. In the meantime she qualified to also teach grades 1-4 and has proved to do it with the same effect and ease.” – Nalize Boshoff, programme developer

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