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Demi Bezuidenhout

Demi Bezuidenhout


Preschool – Grade 7

I’ve always love Mathematics and therefore I joined ChumS with SumS as tutor after school.

I enjoy seeing kids become empowered and gain self-confidence when they start to understand Maths and get the sums right. By buying my own ChumS with SumS franchise in 2016 I could combine my 2 passions which are Mathematics and business management. I chose to buy a ChumS with SumS franchise (and not a different Maths franchise) because I like the ChumS-way of doing things. At ChumS it is important for us to ensure our ChumS enjoy the lessons and to nurture a love for the subject while they start to grasp and apply concepts.

Every Chum is special to me and therefore I want to introduce each one to the wonderful world God created for us: MATHS.

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