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Anro Barnard

Anro Barnard

Bedfordview & Kempton Park

I studied Chemical Engineering with the NWU and obtained a master’s degree in Engineering. After about five years in the petrochemical industry, I returned to my alma mater to help educate students. It was as lecturer in Engineering that I discovered my passion for teaching. I left academia to get more experience before I would return to the university.

To help young, newly qualified engineers adjust to the working world awakened my hunger for teaching and it made me realise that intervention is needed before children go into tertiary education. The foundation must be strong for the child to effectively build on it going forward. My goal is to make Maths come alive for children and to help them realise their full potential. Regardless whether a child wants to get a degree or a practical skill, Maths will help them formulate alternative solutions to problems they face. Like Albert Einstein said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thoughts that we used to create them.”

“ChumS with SumS is very excited to have Anro on the team.

Anro is passionate about the practical application of Maths and Science and he will work to help the ChumS understand what they are learning.” – Nalize Boshoff, Programme Developer